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Trekking is the one of the most exhilarating ways to discover nature. These expeditions, under the expert guidance of our in-house naturalist at The Tamara Coorg, offer an up-close look at the rich biodiversity of the Western Ghats. The treks feature rare views of the valley from vantage viewpoints, adventurous trails, and exquisite waterfalls. Treks begin daily early in the morning and take our guests to one of two places.

The main treks offered at the resorts are along the trails leading to Balliyatre Ridge and Pathipole Waterfall


(Trail # 1 : Approximate Duration: 4.5 hours)
The shola forest lies in these beautiful valley, from where the Pathi Pole Falls emerge, visible most clearly from the boulder resting areas. This 5.5km trail leads trekkers through slopes and valleys surrounded by lush greenery. The view atop the falls is truly a sight to behold. The duration of this trek is approximately 4.5 hours, along with three breaks.


(Trail # 2: Approximate duration of this trek is 5.5 Hrs)
This unique trail leads through the trail over the ridge line. Enjoy a staggering view of Coorg against the backdrop of the highest mountain of Coorg – Thadianda Mol, which stands at 1750 meters above sea level. The duration of this trek is around 5.5 hours, along with three rest breaks.


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