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Taking inspiration from Japanese philosophies, this experience aims to give our guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in a completely natural environment, bathing in the positive energies of the forest. The experience begins with a short walk through a private trail just outside the property. Our guests are invited to take their time walking along this trail, listening to the layers of sounds that colour the silence, feeling the crunch of leaves under their feet, and breathing the cool, energising air of the forest. The trail will lead to a beautiful gazebo, built discreetly amongst the greenery, where a yoga master will guide our guest through a short, but rejuvenating breathing and meditation session. The experience ends with a foot massage by therapist from our award-winning spa and wellness centre, who will knead any remaining tension or stress away, overlooking the most breathtaking view of the surrounding forest and hills. A truly immersive experience, Forest Bathing at The Tamara Coorg is a must-do for that much needed rest and relaxation.


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